Sally Snake Eyes

by | March 8, 2015

And after it happened, I went to Sally Snake Eyes,
& she sat me down, and said, Babe,
it’s okay, it’s a natural thing,
& she held me in her bed
feeding me spoonfuls of milk.
She kissed each barren follicle on my head,
and I felt the hair begin to grow back.
When she had finished, she took flags
from my toy soldiers, reached for my cologne
and scrubbed my fingernails.

& a week or two later I saw L again
for the first time since it happened.
The berries had stained her teeth blue,
and her lips, but she was getting on, seemed happy,
I guess we both had cracks to paper over.
I said my piece.
No tricks? she said, No catch? Just dinner?
The tightness in my chest opened up to the light.
Yes, I said. Just dinner.

So we went together.


Image: Tihana B