The Isis 2022 Wrapped

by isised | January 5, 2023

2022. 3 magazines, 15 events, 97 pieces. In order to pay tribute to the bold writing, vibrant artwork, and exciting events which The Isis has produced in 2022, we asked our Editors-in-Chief, Deputy Editors, and Creative Leaders to each pick their favourite pieces. Below are some of the highlights from an amazing year. A big thank you to all our readers and contributors — we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023.

Top 5: Non-Fiction

Top 5: Fiction

Top 5: Visual art

  • Savour photography by Elsie Gray (Dowon Jung, EiC, MT22)

  • Art for Fashioning Decline by Betsy McGrath (Oliver Roberts, Creative Leader, HT23) 

  • Front and back cover of Memento by Dowon Jung and Millie Dean-Lewis (Joe Dobbyn, EiC, HT22)

  • Art for Everyone is scared of the guillotine these days by Rachel Jung (Faye Song, Creative Leader, TT22)

  • Art for The Isis‘s 130th anniversary birthday party by Betsy McGrath (Ben Beechener, Creative Leader, MT22)