Body at Stake

by Imogen Forrest | March 22, 2024

Boys will be boysmy hands are tied! 

A witch, they scream, she’s the devil’s crook,  

She’s seasoned with sins. I burnI cook. 


My body is here! Mine! And naked upon the stake. 

So, gird your loins for the big strip tease:

The fire and myself at one, at ease. 


A biting blaze dances a tango upon my toes. 

I scream for this rank and nasty pleasure.  

I am hot! So very hot, am I not? 


The bare bones of my feet simmer in a pool 

Of waxy crimson flesh, as I blithely splash 

In this rich red wine of mine. I bleedthey dine! 


Gaze upon the flames cavorting up and around my legs;

Oh! They are but children in the April rain, feasting on  

Such tender thighsthe meat slips right off the bone! 


Up my torso they triumphantly climb,

Higher and harder, I beg. 

Until I am perfectly ablaze. I roastI rot

Words by Imogen Forrest. Art by Indiana Sharp.