by Zephyr | April 14, 2024

I’ve asked around about you

And get the vaguest answers,

It’s not enough to paint an impression.

How many grooves have you memorised 

To blend so well into the wall?

You are a mirror, an artist of conceit, 

The in-between of a million things,

I want to peel you off the walls bump

By bump and lick you up your spine,

Let you lead me blindly after I’m

All gathered, washed, and diced.

I become a pomegranate:

The harder the shell the fresher the fruit

Not easy to get in, but once it’s done,

Relief, broke open, I fall apart.

This slow embodiment, moulded evolution,

Is something easier in two—

Show me how this wanting works

When it’s matched up like we do.

I want to coax it out of you,

Tease me with this start

I’ll smooth my hand over your skin, grab fistfuls of your hair,

And pull you to your feet so you can find your voice and speak

Speak to me— 

However you do it, I’ll take

I want some mine in it, some stake.

Let me sit in the corner of your room

And watch you fill the air,

How do you stretch in the morning?

What way do you brush your hair?

I want to see—

See you raw and hopeful and breathing,

The rise and fall of your chest,

Being every kind of emotion I want to see you Big—

When you are so absorbed in crafting,

Expanse cupped in your hands,

What world do you make for yourself?

I’ll melt your glass, slip in my fingers,

Bear witness to your shifting layers.

How do I store all this inside my body?

You’re in among the mess

I like the nervous arch of your shoulders 

And the way you tuck in your neck.

With the back of my hand kissing the rim of your ear

I’ll remember you in flesh.

Words by Zephyr. Art by Neha Jamal.