ISIS Mix 002: Lu Williams

by | October 25, 2015



Ruskin student and Supermarket resident DJ Lu Williams steps up for this week’s ISIS Mix, with a weird and wonked out selection of glitchy pop.

“This mix and most mixes released under Bitchcraft are witch house, influenced by contemporary hip hop or 90s garage, kinda like ‘spooky fun’ with mostly queer vocals. This is my first recorded and published mix, especially 4 Isis mag :))

I’d say my mixing style is similar to the way I make my sculpture and film work – layers and glitches. I play for supermarket and feminist nights like CuntryLiving in Oxford and Abortion Rights in London. A lot of what I play is by queer/female artists, and that’s generally why I don’t get much from contemporary house or techno.

Bitchcraft is a title for both my mixing and my zines/comics.”