ISIS Presents: Journalism & Agenda

by isised | February 18, 2013

ISIS presents: Journalism & Agenda – a panel discussion.

Is the idea of objectivity in journalism outdated?
Does the overtly partisan nature of most newspapers help perpetuate a culture of narrow-mindedness in the public?
Are bloggers simply making the situation worse?
How do we survive government cuts to the arts budget and is there a fear that this important issue has been politically hijacked?

Friday, 22 February (6th week) – 8pm – Okinaga Room, Wadham


Speakers include:

ROLY KEATING – Chief executive of the British Library and previous Director of Archive Content for the BBC

RICHARD INGRAMS – journalist, a co-founder and second editor of Private Eye, now editor of The Oldie magazine

LIZ FORGAN – journalist, and radio and television executive. Past roles have included the Chair of Arts Council England, the first woman to do so


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