Meet the Team



GRACE LAWRENCE (she/her) is a second year History and English student at Corpus Christi. She once referred to the writer Mary Astell as ‘Mary Amstel’ in an essay.

JOSEPH DOBBYN (he/him) is a second year reading French and German at New College, focusing on medieval philology. Dull, outdated and unintelligible, Joseph is thrilled to be part of the team.

Deputy Editors

ANANYA BASU (she/her) is a second year reading Politics and Philosophy at Corpus Christi. Her powers include the ability to make microwave popcorn so perfectly that every kernel is popped with a single burnt piece.

BEA PETROVA (she/her) is a second year reading Philosophy and Theology at Christ Church. She has yet to write the funny bit.

CHARLIE TAYLOR (he/him) is a second year reading History at Christ Church. He has been known to occasionally scream at Tom Tower to ‘offset its negative energy’.

SARA HASHMI (she/her) is a second year History and Politics student at Pembroke. She can often be found pacing various graveyards in Oxford.

*team director

Creative and Media

Dowon Jung*

Millie Dean-Lewis*

Aryan Goenka

Benjamin Beechener

Eloise Cooke

Emily Archer

Faye Song

Isabelle Sturt

Jigyasa Anand

Natalie Hytiroglou

Peng Yao

Poppy Atkinson Gibson

Rachel Jung

Tess Trop

Magazine Non-Fiction

Ainhoa Santos Goicoechea*

Hannah Gardner*

Georgie Walker

Hope Philpott

Kyoka Hadano

Samuel Moore

Shao Yi Wong

Online Non-Fiction

Clementine Scott*

Susie Castledine*

Beth Barnes

Joseph Tulloch

Mia Wu

Rachel Rees

Vivian Gu

Magazine Fiction

Cia Mangat*

Stepan Mysko von Schultze*

Alice State

Anna Schlecter

Natalie Perman

Paige Crawley

Peps Haydn-Taylor

Ruth Port

Online Fiction

Fódlha Duggan-Dennehy*

George Adams*

Bora Tosun Stone

Edith Critchley

Helen Edwards

Hollie Partis

Veronica Fu

Zhen Chan


Eliott Rose*

Nikita Ostrovsky*

Anna Dowell

Dania Kamal Aryf

Nia Large

Tara Chenoa Sallaba

Tara Ellen McInerney

Marketing and Events

Feyidara Olawuyi*

Jen Jackson*

Luisa Dufrene

Maria Beatriz Rilo Sanchez

Sophie Hanna von Torklus