Artist of the Week: Bora Rex

by isised | February 6, 2023

Bora Rex is, in his own words, a maker.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I personally find it difficult to talk about myself as an artist, even though that’s probably close to true. Balancing a creative practice alongside work at Oxford really makes you weigh things up. It also makes you wary of the high and mighty. When I’ve been asked in the past, I tend just to list the materials I like to make things with. I like video and photography of all flavours. I like words and paint. And I especially like wood.

What’s your artistic process like?

It’s not particularly romantic but the core of my process is the notes app on my phone. It’s where I can jot things down most easily and quickly. Often just interesting combinations of words. Or an image. It helps because the best ones are so easily forgotten. Also, my handwriting is abominable. Having said that, when it’s time to resurrect a note, or to smoosh it together with a few others, I then like to work everything out on paper before doing anything. This is the same if I am working collaboratively. Things will then progress from there and eventually prove more or less successful.

What are you working on at the moment?

As well as writing fairly consistently, I am currently showing work from a series of films that are programmed to turn video into hissing white noise, and from a series of very small and still films made with my first ever childhood camera: a tiny, pocket-sized, splash-proof, green point-and-shoot with awful battery life. I am also continuing my filmic collaborations with the wonderful Hugo Max. Incidentally, I am in the middle of constructing a 10 foot wooden cello anchor for an upcoming exhibition of his.

Who are your biggest influences, and why?

My friend with good recommendations. My friend who can draw things out and join wood seamlessly. My friend who knows how they want their song to sound. My friend who never says no to an idea and my friend who constantly tests them. My friend who rallies the troops. My friend who makes things up. My friend who runs up charges calling me from abroad. My friend who runs. All because they get stuff done.

Where can you see yourself going in the future?

All I can hope is to remain in a position to keep on making things. ∎

Lines (and Moves) by Bora Rex.