Sad Girl Poem

by | April 6, 2021

Sad Girl Poem

march — september, 2020



at 4am[2], waking[3]

at noon: propranolol 20mg, sertraline 50mg, crying[4] / crying[5] / crying[6].


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[1] was the wrong june, even this heat / electric, stinging / bitter-scented — i want to specify the dream intrusions: whirling burrs, sunspots digging into eyes, no darkness in sight — mercury-drunk


[2] stranger than drowning: how the light shards into blades & the night is as wide as the ocean / a terrible


[3] impossible / smog-like and choking / stranger than the sky, drowning in blue —


[4] [how soft everything sharp


[5] how strange we become in the dark


[6] the air a memory of smoke]


[7] i, too, am prone to lightning / appearing when least wanted // girl/phenomenon/ghost. ∎


Words by Annie Fan. Art by Alan Sulaivany.