Panel Discussion: Is the British police force institutionally racist?

by | November 19, 2015



Is the British Police Force institutionally racist? If it is, how constructive is this label? What impact does stop and search have on the relationship between BME communities and the police, and has the recent reduction in the use of the technique had any discernible impact?

Featuring Janet Hills (Chair of the Met Black Police Association), Paddy Tipping (Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire), Saqib Deshmukh (leading campaigner at Justice4Paps), Malia Bouattia (Black Students’ Officer of the NUS), Desmond Jadoo (founder of the Birmingham Empowerment forum), and Richard Sudan (activist and performance poet). Chaired by Eddie Bruce-Jones (member of Board of Directors of the Institute for Race Relations and the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group).